Sea Buckthorn Body Butter
Sea Buckthorn Body Butter
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Sea Buckthorn Body Butter

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Crafted with our organic Sea Buckthorn and Calendula oils, this luxurious butter will repair and rejuvenate your skin. Combined with unrefined organic Shea butter these oils soak into your skin creating a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture leaving it silky smooth. We added a bit of arrowroot powder and a slight amount of sweet orange essential oil. A luscious treat for your skin. 

Here at Pure Joy we take care in what we put in our products and in turn, what our skin ingests. So, why:

SHEA BUTTER? It contains:

- Ingredients that balance oils on your skin, promote circulation and lock in moisture.

Why SEA BUCKTHORN OIL? It contains:

- Fatty acids that increase hydration, antioxidants that give protection and stimulate collagen, and Omegas that rejuvenate and restore damage.

Why CALENDULA OIL? It contains:

 - Compounds that soothe your skin and antioxidants that protect and rebuild.


- To cut the oily texture, making it light and fluffy and helping the body butter to spread and absorb more quickly. It also contains many beneficial minerals and vitamins.

Why SWEET ORANGE essential oil?

- Fights off free radicals, boosts circulation, and shrinks large pores and firms skin (astringent). 

 For a more comprehensive list of the constituents read our blog post


Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Sea Buckthorn*, Calendula*, Olive Oil*, Arrowroot Powder, and Sweet Orange EO*      

118ml (4oz) glass jar