fifth wind farm

Perched on a hilltop offering a scenic view of Northumberland County, Fifth Wind Farm is the centre of Pure Joy Botanicals. Fifth Wind, home of Henry and Johanna Wiersma, is recognized within the local community as an innovative, alternative hub.  

In addition to Pure Joy Botanicals, this farm, along with its owners, has given life to many endeavours. It's home to Earth Block Construction, making them a leader in alternative sustainable (low carbon) construction techniques, such as the use of local, natural materials, including compressed Earth Blocks and straw bales

The garden has also been home to a Community Shared Agriculture program that has supplied many local families with access to the organic vegetable and herb garden. Fifth Wind even serves as a popular wedding and music venue

Fifth Wind is a community hub that welcomes people from all over the world to volunteer, participate in community events and workshops, and celebrate special occasions surrounded by the beautiful landscape.  

The gardens at Fifth Wind Farm produce the nutrient rich and energy-filled herbs and flowers that are used in our products. Since no herbicide or pesticide has been used in them for over 35 years, the natural vibrancy of the plants is remarkable. 

One of the most notable components of our gardens is our Sea Buckthorn orchard. Faced with a great demand for our prize winning Sea Buckthorn cream, we are expanding the orchard. The cream nourishes your skin and the fresh or frozen berries nourish your whole body. 

In addition to sourcing ingredients through our gardens, we also wildcraft some of the plants we utilize in our products. We take great care to forage mindfully and sustainably.

  Our Gardens

   Our beeswax

All of the beeswax we use is sourced by our very own in-house pollinators. We have several hives located just a short walk from our garden, which means that every herb, flower, or berry that goes into each Pure Joy Botanicals product has been impacted by the same bees whose wax gives them structure.  

The wax is harvested by our beekeepers, Daniel Wiersma and Holly Barclay, as well as Holly's parents, Don and Judy Barclay, who lovingly tend to the bees year round. Sourcing our beeswax this locally contributes to a smaller footprint and supports our pollinators and our gardens.