Why We Use Natural Ingredients

four mason jars of herb-infused oils sit in the grass on the sunshine. Each jar is a different colour, depending on the herbs they're infused with.

While many consider health and wellness more in terms of what we eat and drink, we at Pure Joy Botanicals know that what we apply to our skin has farther reaching effects than what is simply “skin deep”. Because cosmetics are designed specifically to be absorbed by the skin, their ingredients penetrate the body and join the bloodstream, where they may cause harm. Personal care products also have a way of getting into the environment, particularly water supplies. These chemicals can then be found at low concentrations in our drinking water or habitats. Knowing how Fifth Wind came to be the way it is, it’s not surprising that we take this into consideration when it comes to what we put in our products. 

A lot of the most harmful ingredients that can commonly be found in cosmetics are actually added to keep products safer, such as antimicrobials, antifungals, and preservatives. Although these ingredients allow products to be able to sit on the shelf for years, they may be having a direct impact on your health. This is why Pure Joy only uses ingredients that are natural and organic. Our signature preservative, Poplar Bud oil, is created from buds harvested in March. Our star Poplar Bud harvester is none other than Johanna’s granddaughter, Ursula, the artist behind our “Little Chickie Diaper Salve” label!

Our salves, if kept out of the sun, will last for a couple of years. Our creams are more sensitive, lasting up to a year. We recommend keeping the creams in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. With a little care, you are gifting your body the healthiest option.