3 Ways to Care for Your Pure Joy Products

An overhead view of Soreness Soother Cream surrounded by arnica, the main ingredient against a white background.,

At Pure Joy Botanicals, we offer freshly made products straight from our garden. While there are many benefits to such natural skincare products, it does limit the shelf-life. We take great care to label our batches so we can track their age in our inventory, so you’re always getting the best versions of our creams, salves, and balms. Here are a few simple ways to extend the life of your favourite products:

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight.

    We make sure to sanitize and thoroughly dry all of our jars, which limits bacteria and mould growth, but you can help keep your products safer and more preserved by keeping them in cool, dark places. Sunlight runs the risk of deteriorating the oils and can even melt your salves! 
  1. Wipe any condensation if you find some on the lid.

    Water breeds life- but not always the kid of life we want when it comes to our beloved skincare products! This is why it’s important to wipe any built up moisture on the lid of your jars if you happen to notice bits of condensation.

  2. Keep your cream in the fridge if you’ll take longer than 2 months to use it.

    We track our batches to ensure freshness and our creams typically stay fresh for about two months, so don’t worry, you can still conveniently keep your Pure Joy creams on your bathroom counter! Although it’s not necessary to do all the time, refrigeration will help to naturally preserve your cream, especially if it will be hanging around on your counter for a while. Whether you want to stock up and buy a few of your favourite creams at a time or you just don’t go through your creams quickly, keeping your creams in the fridge will keep them fresher longer.

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