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Jar return program

At Pure Joy Botanicals, it’s important to us to reduce waste. Sustainability is a key value. First, we replaced the plastic jars with glass jars. Now we’re proud to introduce our Jar Return Program.

Return 5 glass Pure Joy cream or salve jars to one of our 2 drop-off locations and receive your choice of: 

 A deodorant (45ml) - your choice of scent

 Two sample size (8ml) of your product(s) of choice 

 Two lip balms - your choice

Please wash out your jars before returning them. We will sanitize and then reuse each jar to effectively reduce emissions associated with transporting and producing new jars, as well as reducing what ends up in landfills. We have drop off locations located in Cold Springs and Toronto. Please contact us for the addresses. You're also welcome to drop off your jars at any shows or markets we attend (keep an eye on our events page for details). 

If you cannot drop off your empty jars and pickup your free product(s) at one of our two locations, you are welcome to mail your jars to one of our locations. Please note that Pure Joy Botanicals is not responsible for shipping costs associated with the Jar Return Program, including the cost of shipping the free product(s).